Cannon in minecraft

Ever wonder what minecraft will cannon in minecraft like in 2D? Find out in Paper Minecraft or Minecraft 2D.

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Explore the pixelated world, just like minecraft. Mine for blocks, create and build whatever is in your brain. Save the world by generating a save code, and come back later to load where you left off. Share save code with anybody you like. As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun. Close a chest, crafting table, furnace or door!

Drop a single tile from a stack while dragging. You are currently playing Paper Minecraft online game, a high quality Simulation Games on KBHGames you can play for free. One of 15795 free online games indexed on our online gaming website portal. The final episode takes place almost entirely in Beacon Town, where the Admin has taken the form of Jesse and is reshaping the whole village to his liking by building a lava covered tower that looms over the area. Of course, Jesse and the gang rock up to put a stop to his plans.